What is FUSCO®?

The basis of all NTC coatings is the FUSCO® technology that we have developed; a specialised continuation of the sol-gel procedure. The abbreviation FUSCO® unifies the terms of fusion and coating and thus already indicates the decisive functional principle in the name: a chemical connection (‘fusion’) occurs between the surface and the coating

This is enabled by the property of the coating material, the chemical structure of which is very similar to the chemical structure of the corresponding surfaces.

The base and the coating therefore undergo a real, covalent chemical connection: the surface and the coating are fused on a molecular level to form an inorganic polymer network.

NTC coatings also have organic chains with variable lengths and chemical natures. In this way it is possible – adapted to the relevant requirements – to set the surface properties between the extremes of ‘glass-like’ and ‘plastic-like’.

Using the FUSCO® technology it is possible to save several application steps: on concrete, for example, no deep primer is generally required. The surface that is to be coated need only be free of dust, grease and oil. Coarse unevenness and cracks need to be removed first with a preliminary treatment.

What makes FUSCO® coatings so unique?

The FUSCO® coatings that we have developed allow your product to perform better against its competitors because they not only improve its surface properties but rather optimise them in the long term.

Strictly speaking they are not just coatings in the traditional sense, they are more than that: the FUSCO® technology ensures a fusion-like connection on a molecular level between the FUSCO® coating and the base.
Similar chemical structures are created within the coating that are already present in the base material that is to be coated.

The key to the permanent stability of a coated surface lies both in the durability of the coating itself and in its optimum connection with the material to be coated. The decisive advantage of the FUSCO® technology lies in the optimisation of both components.

The surface properties can be set individually; thus allowing achievement of the desired surface quality. This makes properties possible that are not feasible with traditional finishes.

FUSCO® coatings are also more environmentally friendly than traditional products while remaining just as easy to handle and in some cases even easier to process than conventional coatings.

It is possible in many cases to substitute conventional multi-layer systems with just one layer, which leads to a significant reduction in material consumption and also substantially reduces the application times.

The currently most popular NTC FUSCO® coatings can be found:

  • in the German car industry, for example in anodised décor parts (trims, roof rails) on German luxury vehicles, turbocharger housings or around door locks.
  • Easy-to-clean clear coats with self-cleaning properties in international façade technology.
  • Heat exchanger coatings in industry, which both have a pronounced easy-to-clean effect and also significantly reduce energy consumption and the emission of CO2 as well as extending service life


Turbocharger from a well known german automobile manufacturer coated with a FUSCO® coating by NTC.

Heat exchanger

This industrial heat exchanger lasts for longer thanks to its coating using NTC FUSCO® technology.


FUSCO® technology makes elegant facade elements more resistant to environmental influences.


This highway tunnel in the United States is protected against car exhaust fumes by FUSCO® technology.

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